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We offer a range of courses in Environmental Education and Sustainability.
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Young Environmentalist Awards – 6 Steps to Success

Learn how to go about turning your ideas into reality by carrying out an action project.

Early Access

TY Module on Sustainable Development

Build the knowledge and skills you need to help tackle global development issues!


Fashion Focus

Learn how to spot a Fast Fashion brand, explore its effects on people and the planet and discover sustainable fashion tips.


Climate Justice

Learn about Climate Justice; what it is, what its underlying causes are, and how to take climate justice action!


Youth for Sustainable Development

Learn about the SDGs, being a Global Citizen and the importance of Youth Action!


Academic Integrity Training (QQI Level 1-4)

Learn techniques to avoid plagiarism and improve your research and writing skills.


Academic Integrity Training (QQI Level 5+)

What Our Participants Say

“I learned about how to work as a team. I discovered how important it is to delegate roles based on people's talents and time. I learned how to have productive but fun meetings, as well as communicating ideas effectively to different types of audiences.”
YEA Participant
“I have become more environmental and teach other people about the environment. Sometimes I give out to my family if they use a plastic bottle and I tell them about things that are going on in the world that I learn about in YSD.”
YSD Participant
“During the course of YSD I have been given many chances to learn new things from my fellow peers and facilitators.”
YSD Participant
“The most interesting thing I learnt today is how I can help spread awareness about climate change to other people my age.”
Youth Summit Particpant