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Time to complete: 45 mins

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Academic Integrity Training

Levels 5+

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain what “Academic Integrity”, “Academic Misconduct” and “Plagiarism” are.
  • Explain why plagiarism is a problem
  • List how plagiarism can be avoided
  • Reference correctly and recognize a reliable “source”
  • List the consequences of committing academic misconduct while studying with ECO-UNESCO

About this Course

Understand plagiarism, learn techniques to avoid it, and improve your research and writing skills!
This course is a useful introduction to academic integrity, how to avoid academic misconduct, such as plagiarism and how to cite sources correctly. It is mandatory for anyone completing a QQI course with ECO-UNESCO but is also great for anyone who wants to improve their research and writing skills.

This course is included in all of ECO-UNESCO’s QQI Level 5+ courses! If you are currently enrolled in one of ECO-UNESCO’s QQI courses, please contact your tutor who will register you for this Academic Integrity Training course.

Who is this course for?

ECO-UNESCO’s Academic Integrity Training is for anyone interested in improving their research and writing skills!
If you are taking this course alongside one of ECO-UNESCO’s QQI courses, this course is designed for people taking QQI courses at level 5 and above. If you’re taking a course below QQI level 5, check out our other Academic Integrity Training course here!

About ECO-UNESCO's ECO-Academy

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