7 Forms of Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion or slow fashion refers to clothing that is designed, manufactured, distributed and used in ways which are ethical and environmentally friendly. 

sustainable clothes cardboard box

The Sustainable Fashion Wheel

This wheel demonstrates the 7 forms of sustainable fashion. Ideally, all 7 forms should be combined for new clothing! 

  1. Each garment should first be manufactured on demand or custom-made – that way only the clothes that are needed are produced, instead of the mass production we see nowadays that drives demand for more!
  2. The clothes should be made in an environmentally manner
  3. The clothes should be high quality so they last, and won’t go out of style soon
  4. Ethical aspects along the supply chain should be considered
  5. Make your clothes last! They should be used for a long time and well through good care, by repairing holes/patching, resewing buttons, and redesign like upcycling, dying and even embroidery. You can also get a tailor to do it for you.
  6. When you have finished with it (no longer wear it regularly, not your style anymore) and it is still in wearable condition, it should be shared with friends or family, or…
  7. …Donated to a second-hand shop/charity, to prolong its active life.

When the garment is completely worn out, it should be returned to a recycling collection point, to be reused in the manufacturing of new clothes or other textile products. Bear in mind clothes are only recyclable if they are made from 100% of a material (e.g. 100% polyester, instead of 80% polyester, 20% elastane). 

Consider starting at step 6 or 7 when you need new clothes!