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Time to complete: 12 hours (12 lessons)

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TY Module on Sustainable Development

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand what sustainable development is and be able to discuss some global development issues. 
  • Be able to engage in self-reflection and identify your values. 
  • Have developed your confidence in teamwork and critical thinking. 
  • Have gained the tools needed to take action and bring about change for your world. 

About this Course

This 12-lesson course is an exploration of the various subjects of Sustainable Development. Learn about the Sustainable Development Goals and some of the issues facing the world today, including climate justice, biodiversity loss and waste. Explore modern development issues like eco-anxiety and the impact of technology on our planet. 

Learn how to carry out a self-reflection to explore your values, to see what global development issues matter to you and how you can make a difference. This course is a wonderful opportunity to enhance student interaction within the class, strengthening teamwork skills, building students’ confidence to engage in discussions with classmates, as well as learning how to become peer educators! 

With each lesson designed to fit in a 1-hour class, this course is particularly suited to Transition Year students who want to build their knowledge of environmental and social issues and solutions, develop skills for creating change and boost student interaction. 

We have integrated group activities that encourage students to engage in group work, to question and think critically, and to discuss the various topics this course on sustainable development covers. Our Teacher Handbook will act as a guide to help teachers facilitate these activities so that the students can get the most out of them. You can download it in the “Materials” tab in the first lesson.

Why Learn About Sustainable Development? 

Sustainable global development affects every one of us, and we all need to play our part in achieving it. Learning about the various aspects of sustainable development can help identify what we value most and how we can bring about change in our own lives, our communities and our world, to help tackle global issues like climate change, inequality and biodiversity loss. We believe young people play a crucial role in combatting these issues because of their innovation and passion to bring about change for the better. A better understanding of sustainable development can help young people to choose an issue that matters to them, around which they can build their YEA action projects. 

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Importance of Young People Taking Action

Young people have the power, passion and responsibility to change the current systems in place which are harmful to the environment in order to build a brighter future. There are opportunities everywhere to create change and contribute to solving global issues right in your own community. When you work on your action project you will be actively involved in shaping the world you want to live in! 


We are Ireland’s Environmental Education and Youth Organisation that works to conserve the environment and empower young people. Our mission is to protect the natural environment and empower young people by developing their knowledge, skills, and confidence that channels their passion into positive and creative actions that help create a sustainable planet. 


The Young Environmentalist Awards (YEA) 

ECO-UNESCO’s Young Environmentalist Awards (YEA) is an all-Ireland environmental awards programme that recognises and rewards young people who raise environmental awareness and improve the environment through action projects. It is a fun and exciting way to empower young people to become better citizens, to build awareness of environmental issues in the community and promote local actions and lifestyle changes to conserve the environment.  Over 49,000 young people have taken part in the YEA since it began in 1999, bringing about lasting change to the environment, and reaching countless others with awareness-raising campaigns in schools and communities throughout Ireland. 

Visit our website for some inspiration; there you will find the YEA Project Manual, project ideas and award-winners, and everything else you need to know about entering the YEAs!

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