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Fashion Focus

Learning Objectives

In this course, you’ll explore:

  • What is fast fashion?
  • How does fast fashion impact people and the planet?
  • Greenwashing in the fashion industry
  • What can we do to tackle fast fashion and make our clothing choices more sustainable?
You’ll also try your hand at some sustainable fashion activities!

About ECO-UNESCO's ECO-Academy

We are Ireland’s Environmental Education and Youth Organisation that works to conserve the environment and empower young people. Our mission is to protect the natural environment and empower young people by developing their knowledge, skills, and confidence that channels their passion into positive and creative actions that help create a sustainable planet. ECO-Academy is our online learning platform where young people can learn about the environment and sustainable development, and discover how they can take action for a sustainable future!


About this Course

Deep dive into Fast Fashion and explore the impacts it has on people and our planet. 

Even if you aren’t interested in fashion, we all support the fashion industry as everyone wears clothing. So this course is for anyone with an interest in reducing their impact on the planet and living a more sustainable life! 

You’ll learn about how to spot a fast fashion brand, and how this type of clothing can have social and environmental consequences. You’ll also get some top tips on how to be more sustainable with the clothes you have and shop for clothes more sustainably. There are even some fun activities you can try to make the most of the clothes you have! 

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