About Us

ECO-UNESCO is Ireland’s Environmental Education and Youth Organisation that works to conserve the environment and empower young people.

Who We Are

ECO-Academy is ECO-UNESCO’s online learning platform bringing you environmental education and sustainability lessons. ECO-UNESCO is Ireland’s Environmental Education and Youth Organisation that works to conserve the environment and empower young people. We work all across the island of Ireland and work with partners in Europe and internationally.

ECO-UNESCO is affiliated with the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations (WFUCA). WFUCA is a collection of groups that promote UNESCO’s values, messages and actions using communities’ own experience, skills and outlooks. We are a Key partner of UNESCO’s Global Action Programme in Education for Sustainable Development.

What We Do​

At ECO-UNESCO, we work with young people in formal and nonformal settings, in secondary schools, youth services and communities across Ireland through our Young Environmentalist Awards, workshops, trainings or one of our affiliated ECO-UNESCO Clubs. Currently our longer term youth programmes are concentrated in the larger population areas through the Youth for Sustainable Development and ECO-Choices programmes. You can explore our wide range of programmes and services for young people from the age of 10 up to 25 at ecounesco.ie

At ECO-Academy, you can access environmental education from anywhere! We provide courses ranging from Climate Justice to Fast Fashion, and from short 2-hour courses to longer Transition Year modules on Sustainable Development.

Our Approach

We take a youth-centred approach, and promote learning for, about and in the environment.

We develop leadership skills, confidence, self-belief and self-esteem.

We provide an opportunity for young people to feel socially engaged and to make new friends.

We include young people’s views – they decide, they plan, they act and they engage their peers.

What Young People Have to Say

“Eco has completely changed my life. Before I joined, I could barely raise my hand in class to ask a question without being a nervous wreck, and now I am able to stand up and speak in front of hundreds of people with no problem.”

YSD Participant
“The Semi-Finals Eco-Dens were great. We put so much work and preparation into our presentation and we felt the experience of the Eco-Dens was excellent. The people we spoke with were so friendly and encouraging. It was really cool and nothing like anything we've ever done before. Obviously, if it was in person it would have been even better!”
YEA Participant
“I just enjoyed seeing other people my age on the same wave length as I am. I felt very empowered”
Youth Summit Participant
“Getting the opportunity to present my action project to politicians and policy makers and get feedback from them was my favourite part of the Youth Summit”
Youth Summit Participant

Like how all that sounds? Start your journey with ECO-UNESCO by signing up to ECO-Academy!