Sustainable Fashion Activities!

Now onto the fun part! 

Choose an activity (or as many as you want!) below, and try it out! When you’re finished, don’t forget to mark the lesson as complete to finish the course and claim your certificate! 

Repairing clothes with a hole

Don’t throw that t-shirt away yet! When an item of clothing has a little hole but is otherwise still wearable, try mending it instead of throwing it away. You can keep it simple or you can get creative! 

Tote from a t-shirt

This is a great activity to use an old t-shirt that can’t be worn anymore. You can also use the leftover bits as reusable face cloths or make-up remover pads! 

Mini Capsule Closet Challenge!

You have 15 items: 

  • 5 tops 
  • 4 bottoms
  • 3 layers (e.g., cardigan, jacket) 
  • 2 pairs of shoes 
  • 1 special item (e.g., belt, scarf) 

How many outfits can you make? 

This is a great practice capsule closet, but there is no set number of clothes for a capsule closet. Also, a capsule closet should be designed for a specific season (spring, summer, autumn or winter) rather than one set of clothes for year-round. 

Here is some inspiration! 

Temporary Christmas Sweater

Why keep a sweater for Christmas when you can wear it all year round and customise it each year?! These designs do not ruin your sweater, you can remove the design and wear it as a normal sweater throughout the year!