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Welcome to ECO-UNESCO's ECO-Academy! Choose from a range of courses to build your knowledge of the Environment, Sustainable Development and the SDGs, and develop your skills in Taking Action for the environment!

Trusted Experience

ECO-UNESCO has been providing youth environmental education since 1986.

Strengthening environmental knowledge and skills, and empowering young people through action.

Youth Focus

ECO-UNESCO work with over 10,000 young people annually.

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ECO-UNESCO offers courses in the areas of sustainable development, environmental education, and youth and community development

Engaging and Interactive Online Courses.

Our ECO-Academy uses a variety of engaging and interactive activities as part of our online courses

Our Most Popular Courses

Explore our most popular courses in Sustainable Development!


Young Environmentalist Awards – 6 Steps to Success

Learn how to go about turning your ideas into reality by carrying out an action project.


Fashion Focus

Learn how to spot a Fast Fashion brand, explore its effects on people and the planet and discover sustainable fashion tips.


Climate Justice

Learn about Climate Justice; what it is, what its underlying causes are, and how to take climate justice action!

What Young People Have to Say

“I learned that it’s possible to make a difference, whether it’s a minuscule or large one, whether the adjustment made was an easy or difficult one. Environmental issues can be helped with very small changes and that is what this project helped me understand. A positive change starts with an individual, a group or a community and every adjustment matters.”
YEA Participant
“I learned about how to work as a team. I discovered how important it is to delegate roles based on people's talents and time. I learned how to have productive but fun meetings, as well as communicating ideas effectively to different types of audiences.”

YEA Participant
‘’The most interesting thing I learnt today is how I can help spread awareness about climate change to other people my age.’’

Youth Summit Participant​
“Thanks to eco my knowledge on the whole world as increased. I am more confident, able to talk to older and even more influential people. I have understood that I can take the role of a leader and that I like expressing my opinions. Thanks to eco I have also discovered my future career path.”
YSD Participant
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Proud to be a Sustainable Development Goal Champion